Sea-Tri-Kan • 400 mile ride for refugee job training

Wait, what are you doing?

On June 17-21 we will bike 400 miles from Seattle through Tri-Cities to Spokane.

This includes climbing 3,000+ feet over Mount Rainier on June 18 and a 100 mile ride on June 20th to celebrate World Refugee Day! We're doing this to raise money and awareness for a job training program for newly resettled refugees in Washington state. We are committed to raising $2500 each by June 5, and we wouldn’t do this for just anything!

Why we're riding

We have been around World Relief Seattle for a while, trust the integrity of their work, and couldn’t be more excited about the job training program they’re developing. We see this as a profound step in the right direction of healing a broken cycle of displacement and discouragement in the refugee story.
"While every refugee's story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage..."
- Antonio Guterres

Liz interned with World Relief and worked close to the vulnerability, joy and confusion that refugees face in their first few months after arrival.

This later inspired both of us to volunteer with World Relief Indonesia as program coordinators at a resource center for asylum seekers (the step before refugee status). In Indonesia we helped our students with language classes and job skills for resettlement.

Starting over in a new country can be just as traumatizing as displacement, and supportive communities, language classes, and job training make all the difference. In the past three years, we’ve been able to see many of our friends from our time in Indonesia resettle in New Zealand and Australia and are so thankful for the support World Relief helped provide.

  • until we must be 100% funded

  • % of $5k total

Stand with us

There are a few ways we'd love your support as we make a stand with some vulnerable members of our community.

1. Learn about the refugee journey

Take a few minutes to learn about the refugee journey. These are complex problems with complex collaborative solutions. Partnering with World Relief is an incredible opportunity to support an organization that’s been doing great work for decades (sure beats giving out of pity or guilt).

For refugees, having the support to rebuild autonomy and a career at the end of the crazy journey of resettlement can be the difference between continued trauma and the beginnings of restoration. Here’s more about what World Relief is doing to help and an article from the Seattle Times about refugees in Seattle.

2. Cheer us on!

In the scheme of crazy feats of athletic prowess, this is totally doable, but it will be the longest ride either of us have done by a long shot. We’ve been training hard, but bums will be sore, Daniel’s knees can get cranky, and 3000 feet of Mt. Rainier elevation is a thing.

Sending good vibes, friendly texts, prayers, and promises of post-ride donuts are all appreciated!

3. Contribute financially

We are committed to each raising $2500 by June 5 and definitely can’t do this without you. Even $10 lets us know you’re supporting us and is a step toward our goal. If you are able to give $100+, we will send you a sweet pack of notecards with Daniel’s photography as a thank you! Also, 100% of donations will be matched 2:1 by a Federal grant . For us, fundraising is at least as daunting as the ride itself. We are taking this seriously and are each contributing $1000 to the goal.

To support us through a tax-deductible donation, head over to World Relief's SEA-TRI-KAN donate page and select either Daniel or Elizabeth Nelson as the rider you're supporting.